The idea of Sing with Señor was born years ago while Felipe Canete was teaching Spanish to middle school students in Seattle, WA. Having realized that a lot of the songs used to teach Spanish were traditional music from different countries in South America, he wanted to introduce art into his teaching and one day, inspired by his students, started to play the guitar and wrote an original song for the students. They loved singing the song and then asked him to make more. It was clear that the students were learning while expressing themselves through songs that they could sing and through simple lyrics that they could follow. He started to write songs that would fit the curriculum but at the same time would be fun and catchy to sing. In 2011 he combined forces with musician and producer Soleil Kelley to record the first group of songs, released on “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish.” Tragically, as Sing with Señor’s second album neared completion, Felipe passed away suddenly from heart complications (May 2013). The album will be released posthumously, in honor and support of his surviving family.

About the founders

Felipe Canete

Felipe has a degree in business and works as a professional actor and musician teaching theater and Spanish in different schools in Seattle. He is also a member of a Seattle world band called Luc and the Lovingtons. He started to develop his artistic career when, as a child, he participated as a singer and dancer in different local festivals in Chile.

“I’ve tried these songs with many schools and students and I can tell you that the songs are a gift from the Universe to children and adults learning the Spanish language. It feels wonderful to catch a student humming these songs as they walk in the door, learning Spanish without knowing it. I wanted to make these songs accessible to students and teachers around the world and that is when I decided that it was time to compile these songs onto a CD.” -Felipe



Soleil Kelley

Soleil is a musician and producer from the Methow Valley, WA who wishes he had catchy songs to learn Spanish with as a kid! He first met Felipe in 2010 while performing with the Seattle band Luc and the Lovingtons, and after hearing Felipe’s songs and idea for a “spanish music project”, Soleil’s corazon melted. His skills as a versatile multi-instrumentalist, producer and owner of 3Leaf Studio became the soil to Felipe’s seed and in rainy Seattle, Sing with Señor sprouted effortlessly.