“This is one of the few children’s CDs we have that I can listen to over and over again because the music is so beautiful it never becomes gets old or becomes annoying.  We listen to it on long car trips which gives us a great opportunity to practice the kid’s Spanish skills. I have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the recording  and the great sound.   I feel like sometimes in children’s CDs this is not given too much importance but that is not the case here. .  I would highly recommend this for any family or classroom”- Growing Up Bilingual (FULL REVIEW HERE)

“I really like the level of complexity of these songs. They are not the very simple Spanish that is often used in songs for young children, yet they are not as complex as traditional Spanish language songs.Many are less predictable than other music used for teaching and that makes them more interesting to children.”  -Spanish Playground (FULL REVIEW HERE)

“But I know we can take this language exploration a bit further than what Dora can offer, and we can still do it in a really fun way. If you would like to exposure your child to the Spanish language, this is a really fantastic way to do it!” – Stuff Parents Need ( FULL REVIEW HERE)

“The songs truly are infectious and after only a few times I noticed that the kids were singing along and asking us to play it more (which is always a good sign). If you are looking for a fun, inobtrusive way to introduce Spanish into your childs’ life, this is a great way to start. The music is fun to listen to and your kids will simply love it in the end!”  -Dad of Divas’  (FULL REVIEW HERE)

“The songs are catchy sing-a-long tunes. Naturally the music is dominated by tastefull, spanish flavoured guitar rhythms, and perfectly sung. Also layered with beautiful choruses and colourful counter harmonies, the album is very endearing and easy on the ear. Every now and then you even get the urge to get up and dance, as the rhythms weave their hypnotic web. The production engineers have been careful so as to produce vocal arrangements that are very present and clear. The lead voice stays upfront in the music mix, so everyone from little toddlers to grown-ups, can easily follow and understand the simple words and phrases used.”  - JamSphere (FULL REVIEW HERE)

“I plan on raising bilingual children. Songs for learning Spanish will be perfect educational material for my children to become bilingual Spanish-English. Children’s music makes it fun for children to learn. “Uno Dos – Songs for Learning Spanish” by Sing with Senor was developed for both teachers and students and parents and children” – ChicanArteyque (FULL REVIEW HERE)

“Uno Dos (Songs for Learning Spanish) by Sing with Señor is a really neat album that you can use to teach your family to speak Spanish. Children will love these melodic tunes. I took many Spanish courses in high school and as I listened to Uno Dos I felt like it could also be a great way for me to brush up on my Spanish speaking skills.” -Missemmamm (FULL REVIEW HERE) 

“Sing with Señor started out as a warm hearted educational project directed to help children master the basics of the Spanish language, simply by incorporating the lessons into accessible melodies. Don’t be so quick to approach this project as you normally would. While you already have heard this concept before both in practice and in theory, the creative dynamic duo behind the project – Felipe Canete and Soleil Kelley – without doubt took the concept a step further than the usual stock-appeal of a family friendly TV matinee. The music, while centered heavily on the sheer timeless charisma of tender, fat acoustic guitars, is very tastefully engineered and presented, flowing both easily and straightforwardly to your receptors. Simplistic-, nevertheless unmissable musical exigency is a main defining factor of the LP, that which invites children, and – much to the initial bewilderment of the men behind the project – their parents, too, to catch up with the tunes and sing along with the musical lessons.” -Noiseshaft (FULL REVIEW HERE)

“And as someone who has a basic Spanish language ability, the songs were pretty graspable and I can easily see the learning power behind them. So if you are looking for a little culture in your life, or want some music to help your children learn Spanish, check out this Sing With Senor playlist! ” - Greatest Playlist (FULL REVIEW HERE)